Pond Wiser offers the installation of aerators and fountains. Many property owners

think of decorative fountains as a luxury item. However, a fountain or an aerator is

a top-priority need to help with the weed and algae control of a pond or lake. Some

ponds are spring fed and the constant running of spring water creates a natural aeration.

Unfortunately, most bodies of water do not have this natural aeration system and become

stagnant. Then the spring storms pass through, often causing major temperature changes

in a short amount of time. This sudden change can spurn algae growth and fish kills. An

aerator helps to maintain a constant environment.

Another problem on many properties is fertilizer run-off. Again, an aerator or fountain

can help flush these chemicals throughout the water. Of course, the best remedy is to find

the source of the chemical run-off and work to eliminate or control the problem.

If you want to see the water spraying into the air, then a fountain is for you. You can

choose light kits as well. Various fountain light kits offer different colors of lights. Some

people do not like these and so an aerator can be an underwater bubbler.

Fountains should be removed in the winter and reinstalled in the spring to get the most

life out of the unit. An aerator can be left running all winter. Pond Wiser offers a winter

storage program. They will remove the fountain, power-wash the unit, store it indoors,

and re-install the fountain/aerator in the spring.

Aerators and fountains are the heart of a pond. Just as the human body

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