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Let your pond scum be a thing of the past: Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Let your pond scum be a thing of the past: Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG   Pond Algae is a sure sign of an unhealthy pond. The arrival of spring often presents a problem for pond owners as the beautiful, clear water of their ponds disappears beneath a blanket of green, slimy, stinky pond algae or pond scum.

Pond Management in Northeast Ohio! Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Sunday, December 28th, 2014
closing down the pond for fall

Pond Wiser has been sustaining many ponds and water features throughout Northeast Ohio for the past 26 years. This experience is valuable in managing current threats to your pond and is crucial in anticipating future threats. Pond Wiser will work with you to develop a pond management program to enhance both the health and beauty of your pond. Pond management is necessary because every body of water has its own unique characteristics. Some ponds and water features may not be suitable for certain types of aquatic life depending on different factors, such as the depth of the body of water and the amount of shade covering the pond. Many ponds are susceptible to chemical runoff, so a plan may need to be devised to prevent this from happening in the [Read More…]