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Need Aerator Stored Properly For the Winter….Call Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Saturday, November 15th, 2014
closing down the pond for fall

Looking to have your aerator properly maintained and stored for the winter? Call Pond Wiser today at 330-833-FROG! Pond Wiser is busy closing down ponds and removing aerators. Here in Ohio we experience significant freezing which can and most likely will completely destroy your existing aerator. The expansion and contraction that happens when ice is formed and then melts away can transfigure even the sturdiest aerators into heaps of useless metal. In any climate it is recommended that aerators should be removed from the water at least once a year to clean the exterior of the system, especially the stainless steel motor housing (can). The motor housing is the surface that dissipates heat into the water and if there is any algae buildup it will become an insulator that then [Read More…]