Business Timeline

1988: Denny installed his first water garden in Jackson Twp. and was instrumental in bringing this feature to landscapes in the area.

1989: Business was established as a sole proprietorship on a part-time basis as Ponds Unlimited! and focused on water garden installation. Over the next several years the need for water garden maintenance arose with more water gardens being installed and problems presenting themselves.

2002: Denny became certified and licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture to manage large ponds and lakes. The business name was changed to Pond Wiser and added the lake management and aeration/fountainhead installation and storage to its services.

2006: The business became full-time employment and added home repair services to its roster to allow business growth in winter months.

2007: Pond Wiser became an S-corporation.

2009: Lawn mowing was added to our services bring with it a new tag line – Water Gardens, Ponds, Lakes, & Lawns, plus Home Repairs.

2010: Lawn treatments became available.

2011: Turf certification was added to Denny’s aquatic certification and business license. He is now a “surf and turf” specialist through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.