Some things you should look for when considering Lake or Pond Management in Northeast Ohio.

Price is always the most important consideration, right? WRONG! The old adage you get what you pay for certainly applies in this case, as it does in most cases. The cheap options are what we spend a lot of time remedying year after year. The first and most important concern should be does this company know how chemicals being applied may affect my lake, pond, or even home drinking water. We have seen companies that add bleach, yes bleach, to home-owners ponds and lakes. The results of this can be disastrous, not only killing all of the life in the water, but also potentially making drinking water toxic.

Before hiring anyone, check their credentials. We at Pond Wiser are licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture for aquatic control management. This credential check will help you avoid potential disasters when it comes to lake and pond management selection.

Testimonials and references should be checked out. Any company can appear to be competent on the front end of lake or pond management. You want to hear from people who have been serviced by this company for more than a year; again, it goes to credibility. You have a significant investment in your pond or lake; don