Get Moving – Pump It Up!

Do you own a half acre or larger body of water on your property? Or are you thinking about digging one? Most people believe the work is over after the digging, but continued care is necessary if you wish to maximize the aesthetic value of your hard work. It can often be a vicious circle – you dig your pond or lake and then the weeds begin growing. They die off, leaves and other debris blow into the water, and before you know it – your pond is a bog. If active management is not started, soon the bog becomes a swamp, and eventually it can return back to the ground you had removed to create the pond.

The major problem associated with large bodies of water is lack of oxygen. This is especially true with spring fed ponds. There is very little oxygen in spring water due to little or no water movement. Slow moving or stagnant water creates layers of varied temperature of water from cold to hot. The most widely used solution is a water sprayer. This method is certainly better than nothing, but mainly draws surface water which doesn’t help mix up the bottom layers of the pond.

The best, but also the most expensive solution, is an underwater aeration system. These are types of bubblers that sit on the bottom of the pond and are connected by air hoses to an on-land compressor. Besides adding oxygen to the water, the aeration system also churns up bottom water with the surface water to create a more even water temperature. Regulating the water temperature will help reduce the algae growth as well. It will also slow sludge build-up on the bottom of your pond and will promote larger fish growth.

The amount of diffuser needed and the compressor size recommended would be determined by the size of your body of water. The reward will far outweigh the cost! Call us for details today!!

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