Vic’s Blog on Oral Hygiene

Hi “fur”ever friends,

So today’s blog is about my oral hygiene. Haha, I know, that’s funny, but it kinda isn’t. So herein lies the problem (or story) –

As you may already know, I was born in Georgia and those peeps I lived with sent my sister and I to Virginia to see if we would be good sheep herders. My sis didn’t pass her test so she went back home to Georgia. I did everything right except one thing. I like to roll over on my back and get a belly rub. Especially after I do something that makes my peeps happy. I run right over and lay down for the obligatory belly rub. Not good, I guess, when herding sheep. My trainer said if I ran back to her and did that during a sheep herding trial she would get points taken away and wouldn’t win. Mmm, I don’t really get who would not want their furry friend to get a belly rub, but that’s the story. So she started teaching me how to chase geese. Wow, do I love that!

The other thing she taught all of us was not to chew on anything. Not on ourselves, not on bones or toys; not on anything. Now that’s great for my new peeps when they got me. No shoes were destroyed, no toys ripped to shreds. Actually, I don’t play with toys, but that’s another blog story.

So, sounds good for them, but not for my teeth. My new mommy gave me a Nylabone one day. I ate it. No, I mean I ATE IT!! In just a few minutes I devoured the entire thing. I guess that wasn’t what I was supposed to do. Then they started giving my little brother, George, something called a Greenie. They thought maybe I would like those. Sure, I liked them, but I didnt chew them much. Which again kinda defeats the whole purpose.

My doctor told my peeps that I needed to have my teeth cleaned, especially since I won’t chew to help keep the plague away. I finally am getting to the point. My daddy brushes my teeth every, single morning. First, he wipes my teeth with plague removing tooth wipes. Then he puts doggy toothpaste on a toothbrush and brushes my teeth. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I just sit there and let him do it. My teeth really do look good.

True story, friends. There is a picture posted here, but you can see a video of the wiping prep and the brushing on Instagram. One video is on @pond_wiser_inc and the other one is on my account. Yes, I have my own IG account. It is @victheworkingdog. Hope to see you around the social pond soon!