Vic, Pond Wiser Border Collie is on Vacation! 330-833-FROG

Hi everyone,

Wow, have I been lazy. I have been on summer vacation. Well, I didn’t really go anywhere, but I don’t have any geese to chase right now. But, that’s okay, by the Fall I am back to the “wild goose chase”. Haha, that was really funny from a furry guy like me!

So, what do I do all day, you ask? I still go with my daddy. I can’t wait for him to say come in the mornings and I run like the wind and then he lets me jump in the truck. I have my own “house” in the bed of his truck and I ride around all day. Sometimes I get to visit with clients too. If it’s raining, which this spring and summer has been a lot, I get to ride inside the truck with my daddy. That’s fun too.

Almost every day we come home, my little buddy is at the office waiting on me. He and I are good friends. His name is Declan. He feeds me lots of treats! Woof! Woof! I love him and the treats. If he is outside when I get home, I run around the yard and he laughs at me. I’m not sure why that is funny, but I love to make him laugh. Then he chases me. Sometimes I stop running and roll on my back so he can rub my belly. That feels soooo good!

It won’t be long, and I will be back to goose chasing. Make sure you call my daddy and get signed up so I can get rid of those pesky creatures at your home or office. My peeps put coupons for my goose chasing on Pond Wiser’s mobile app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or if you are an Apple user, there is a qr code on our website,, to scan to download. This is the only place these specials are advertised. You’ll find lots of other stuff too on the app, including a link to this working Dog Blog. There’s fun trivia and games and more. Check it out! If you ever see my daddy in his truck, ask him if you can see me. I love belly rubs…and treats!

Until the next time furry friends and peeps,