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8/7/18: Blog #17

Hi furever friends and furry friends,
I’M BORED! No, that isn’t your kids saying that, it’s me, Vic. See, here’s the problem. I am really good at what I do. Oh, okay, let’s back-up. Hi, I’m Vic, a Border Patrol for Goose Control who works for Pond Wiser Inc in Jackson Township in Stark County Ohio. I love my job! I have been working since I was two, for six years. So, back to the I am bored part. I had several businesses in the Belden Village area where I live who had lots of geese this spring. And guess what? Now they have none. Zero. Nada. That’s what I meant by I am really good at my job.
I work with my dad. He scopes out the area and then parks out of sight so the geese don’t see me coming. I just love sneak attacks! I say attacks. It’s not really an attack. I never touch them and most importantly, I never hurt them. In fact, I rarely even bark. Every once in awhile I forget when I get really excited and am running toward a large group. I’ll jump in the air and bark. You know, it’s kind of like my own little high five! Whoo hoo, job well done kind of thing!
So, after I chase the geese they usually fly away or if they are grounded because they have lost their pin feather they run away. On one property, there is a really big lake in the back with all kinds of little coves and inlets that are all grown over. So, my dad sends in the remote boat. Those geese really hate that too. A lot of times, we go out at dawn. My dad uses an approved laser. Some people think we hurt their eyes, but that’s not true. Dad flashes the green laser on their shoulder feathers. It emits an eerie green glow, and they take off. It’s really fascinating.
That’s my day! I need some more geese…
All in a day’s work of a Goose Chasing Border Collie. Give Pond Wiser a call if you need me to chase geese away for you. 330-833-FROG

Until the next time furry friends and peeps,