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5/8: Blog #11

Hi everyone,

So, I was going to tell you that my work here is pretty well finished these days, but then my daddy got an email from a client and they want me back…like asap. Yea!! I chased geese a lot in January, February, March and especially in April. One business had no geese anywhere on their grass, landscaping, or parking lot at the end of April. I still go back occasionally to check on things and make sure no one decides to come calling. So far, so good.

Another lake I went to was actually owned by two different homeowner associations so I worked a huge area. One pair of geese got up in some brush that I couldn’t get to, and built a nest, but that was it. So, the people there told my daddy to hold off a little bit and see what happened. Well, guess what, they are the ones that emailed and are in a panic because the geese are starting to show back up. Some geese still haven’t molted and are flying. Once they molt, they can’t fly because they lose their pin feather. But, boy can they run!

There was one other business with a lake that I worked a lot. I scared them all away. Unfortunately, the dentist office beside the place I worked wouldn’t hire me and so the ones I scared away went next door. And they had babies. The only way they can get over to “my” property is by walking up a hill, down a parking lot, and around trees to get to grass. I would say overall, we were very successful. If the businesses next to the ones I work would hire me, we would be goose free.
But for now, daddy and I are gearing up for some more morning and evening runs. He’ll bring along the remote boat too cuz this is a huge lake.

Until next time furry friends and peeps,

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