Vic and his pontoon adventure

Hi forever friends and furry friends,

I thought this month I would tell you a story about why I posted a picture of a pontoon boat with my blog. You see, it all started back in the spring of 2016…
My dad was taking care of a lady’s pond and she asked him if he would take her pontoon boat for payment of her bill. He thought about it for some time before deciding he would do that. So, he loaded the boat on a trailer and brought it to Pond Wiser’s office, where it sat all winter long. The boat was in really bad shape! But, it floated. LOL

Daddy talked to some people at a lake that he takes care of and it was decided that the addition of a pontoon boat would make treating their lake much easier than using the small fishing boat we already have. Boom! Proof it was a good decision after all.
My daddy, Mr. Pondwiser, tore everything off of the boat. All the seats, the steering wheel, the flooring; I mean EVERYTHING! And the work began. He traveled to several marinas and looked online and made phone calls. After a lot of thought, dad decided where he was buying all the new stuff. He decided on the flooring (he went with the suggested vinyl), seating (he added more so we could take all of our crew), and the color of the top. You know, the top to keep furry, black dogs cooler. He tore the sides off and took them to Pond Wiser’s building and painted them. Then he started from the bottom up and put it all back together. In a perfect world, (my mom and dad say that a lot) the pontoon would have been ready to go in the water in the spring. Nope, didn’t happen. My peeps are very busy once spring hits, so the boat didn’t get as much attention as it needed. Daddy continued working on it though and next was finding the right kind of motor. By this time of year, marinas are starting to have sales. Whoo hoo! Another good thing for my peeps. Motor was bought and we were in business.

So that explains the picture. This is our new lake management boat and also a little R & R for our great Pond Wiser crew. And as you know, boats must have a name. It’s hard to see the whole flag, because the wind was blowing a lot the day dad launched the pontoon, but the name is The Pond “toon” Wiser. So cool, isn’t it? I can’t wait to ride around the lake and maybe even jump in to aggravate a few geese. You know, that’s what I do!

Until the next time furry friends and peeps,

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