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3/6/18: Blog #15

Hi furever friends and furry friends,

I am back to work, and lovin’ it! Those pesky geese are back and I am not having any of it. My dad takes me every morning and every afternoon. Do you have geese at your home or office? Now is the time to take control of them, and I am the one to do it if you are in the Canton, Ohio area.
I have some pretty exciting news. I had an article published about me in a local magazine. Compass Media hired my mom to write for them, and one of the articles she wrote was in their winter publication. The article was all about me!! How fun is that?
Here are some of the fact about geese my mom wrote about:
• Geese overgraze on lawns, eat crops, and trample turf.
• Each goose creates approximately three pounds of fecal matter daily.
• Their droppings create a health hazard to humans and can cause nutrient loading in water; which in turn triggers algal blooms and excessive plant growth in lakes.
• Geese are very territorial and will return to the same location year after year.
• A goose can live upwards of 24 years and weighs approximately 12-14 pounds.
• When a female is nesting, she is unable to fly and the male will stand watch. Many humans have been attacked by the aggressive male during the nesting season, which is early spring.
• If geese are not deterred from nesting, they have been known to nest near each other in gang broods of up to approximately 20 birds.
Now see why I am so busy? If you want to rid your home or office of these persistent birds, give my mom and dad a call at Pond Wiser Inc at 330-833-FROG or you can text FROG to 40691 for more information.
Until the next time furry friends and peeps,

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