Is someone going to let the dogs out?

Blog #22   – May 13, 2020


Okay, is someone going to let the dogs out? And the humans? What in the world happened? I kept hearing Mom and Dad talk about this thing called quarantine and my favorite little humans stopped coming to my house as much as they used to. There were actually weeks I didn’t see them at all. I guess there was something called a Pandemic going on. I have no clue what that is and lucky for me, I was deemed essential. Like I needed a politician to tell me I am essential. I’m fairly certain we all know dogs are essential. Duh!!

I think you know, but in case you don’t or happened to forget, I work for Pond Wiser Inc. It is a landscape company that specializes in everything to do with water. From small fountains to big lakes, and everything in between, they can help you with it. And I provide the goose chasing. And the geese did not do this quarantine thing either, I don’t think, because there have been a lot of them out there this spring. Lots of them in groups. My dad says that is not allowed in human circles.

I live in Ohio and we had an exceptionally warm winter, so these “cobra chickens” paired up early. That meant babies showed up early, yet some of them can still fly and haven’t had their babies yet. Dad says all the weird stuff goes along with everything else that has been happening. All I know is, I have run my butt off. Seriously, I’m getting old and I have had to really keep my game-face on.

Mom and Dad went to another state this spring to hire another goose chaser, but they didn’t like any of the dogs they saw. So, right now, it’s up to me. That’s okay. I love what I do. If you need me to come and try to control the geese on your property, give my humans a call and tell them to sign me up. Their number is 330-833-3764. Or check me out on IG @victheworkingdog


Later, furever friends!



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