Is it cold where you are?

Dog blog # -Jan 22, 2019

Hi, furever friends,

Is it cold where you are? It is freezing here in Ohio. But you know what is awesome though? There is a bunch of snow. We got a whole lot of snow over the weekend. I LOVE SNOW!! I like to run and play like I’m a puppy. How about you? I’m pretty lucky though cuz my mom and dad like snow too so they take me outside a lot.
One thing that happens when it is this cold though, is the geese disappear. I’m not sure where they go, but when I go looking for them, they are nowhere to be found. And I really want to find them. Besides snow, you know what else I love? Geese! No, really, it is kind of weird. Not weird that I love geese. Weird that they seem to disappear. There will be geese all over and then it gets cold and snows, and they disappear. I still go with my daddy to look for them and one of these times I’ll find them. They always come back and I give them a surprise welcome home party.

Geese being humanely removed by Pond Wiser

Do you or someone you know have a gaggle of geese hanging out on your property? Now is the time to hire me and get them out of there. I work the most in February, March and April. Usually by May, the geese have nested and getting them to leave becomes more challenging. So now is the time to pick up the phone and call me. NO, seriously, call me. Call me at Pond Wiser Inc in N Canton, Ohio. I will make sure they move out of your neighborhood.
Ponds are super frozen right now, but the weather here in Ohio can change quickly. Don’t be caught with a yard-full of unwanted guests. Call 330-833-3764 (FROG) and get your site evaluated. My dad and I will come check out the situation and give you our best price.