Hi, “fur”ever friends

Hi, “fur”ever friends,

Vic here. A couple of weeks ago my “peep” went away. Normally I go to the doggy spa, but this time they had someone come to my house to take care of me. Whew! What a fiasco that was. One time he came in the middle of the night and then didn’t come back until the next afternoon. It was not fun like the doggy spa is. When my “peeps” got back, I was really mad at them so I peed on the floor. I have never done that. Wow, were they angry with me! I will never do that again. I hate it when my mommy and daddy get mad at me. I want to please them all the time.
But since my peeps have been home I’ve had some great goose runs. See, normally Canadian Geese start migrating for the winter, but they are so comfortable here in Ohio that they start hanging out looking for a great place to stay. For a few years now, I have been chasing geese in the middle of Belden Village. For those of you who don’t know, that is our biggest mall area in Stark County, Ohio. Geese love the businesses surrounding the mall so I have been called in to get them moving out of the area. And this week it has been soooo much fun. Sometimes they sense that I am there and will start walking and flying away. I never run onto other properties without permission, and I swear those geese know that sometimes. They will step right over the property line and wait and see what I do. But this week, they didn’t see me coming and it was so awesome. They made a lot of noise and flew right over the treetops. They haven’t been back either. Awww, it’s been a good week!

Agent Vic Border Collie

Vic Removing Some Pesky Geese

I’m so happy you’ve been following my “Working Dog Blog”. I love my work. Got geese? Give my daddy a call.

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