Hi “fur”ever friends, Somehow January just flew by.

Hi “fur”ever friends,
Somehow January just flew by. It seems like I was just complaining about all the tinsel and glitter my mom had strewn about my house and here it is; February. I suppose the biggest reason time has flown by is because I have been really busy. There are lots of geese hanging around Ohio during the winter. We actually haven’t even had much winter. One day it is 60 degrees and the next, a high of 30 degrees. Crazy stuff! There is a little ice on the big ponds. Enough that I can’t go in yet. But my daddy has a solution for that. Besides using me to chase these annoying creatures and convincing them to leave, he also uses a laser pointer. There are special guidelines according to what state you live in.
The geese really don’t like that thing. Almost as much as they don’t like me. LOL Here’s how it works. The laser is pointed at the goose’s feathers. The green from the laser, coupled with the colors in the goose’s feathers, creates an eerie color. It is very reflective. It startles not only the goose that daddy points to, but all its friends. They squawk and take off. If geese are flying over, they won’t even land on the water. It really helps me until it is warm enough for me to go in the water.
Just like me, using a laser does not harm the geese at all. It’s humane and all good. You know these creatures are pooping machines and what comes out of them is toxic. I am doing a good thing, even though some peeps think they are neat to have around. Well, just keep this in mind – One goose can produce 1 to 3 pounds of droppings each day. That’s a lot of poo!!
When you are ready to control the geese in your neck of the woods, give me a call. Actually call my daddy, Mr. Pondwiser, cuz he doesn’t share his phone with me.