Hi, “fur” ever friends. I love my dad!

Vic here. What a crazy few days we have had here at Pond Wiser. I get really sad when something happens to my dad. He and I are the best of buds. I bet you are buds with you dad to, right? Every morning I run around my yard and then my dad calls me and I jump up in to the bed of his truck. That’s where my “house” is that I stay in all day, except when I’m chasing geese. I really wish I had more geese to chase. My dad says I do such a good job that they don’t come back. Well our clients really like that, but I want to chase more!!
Have you ever thought about getting rid of those pesky creatures on your property? Give Pond Wiser a call at 330-833-FROG and they will bring me out and I will make sure they get up and go. The best way to get a good deal on the cost is to download our mobile app. The QR code is on our website or Android users can find us in the Google Play Store. Once you have the mobile app on your phone, check it the first of each month for our specials. It is often 30 goose chasing visits for $450. That’s a deal! Check it out.
Now, back to the craziness that we’ve had at Pond Wiser. First, my daddy took a bad fall. I was inside the truck and couldn’t get out to help him. He had moved me inside and taken my house out of the bed because we had our boat with us. My dad does lake treatments and sometimes has to go out into the lakes to put chemicals in the water. A lot of times I get to ride along. It is soooo fun! But anyway, my dad was getting stuff out of the bed of the truck and it was slippery. He had on his rubber boots and slipped off the tailgate and hit his head on the road. I was so scared, but I couldn’t get to him. Luckily someone saw it happen and called for an ambulance. There were lots of loud sirens that hurt my ears, and bright flashing lights. The guys helped my dad and he was able to get in the truck and
drive us home. Whew! That was really scary.
Then a couple of days later another bad thing happened. This time I wasn’t in the truck. Dad had left me at the building while he and a couple of our guys did a few jobs and then they were coming back to get me. When they got back, they told me the story of what happened. They were driving along and turned onto a hill. When they did, the sun glare hit them in the eyes and they were blinded and just at that moment they hit a dump truck that someone had parked about two feet from the curb. Itwas a giant boom and there was smoke and everything. I am so glad everyone was okay. The truck –not so much.
When they got back to the building to get me everyone was pretty shaken up, but we got in another truck and went “goose hunting”. Well, you know, we’re not really hunting, but we go scout the properties of our clients and I hope and pray for geese so I can run l like the wind. Well I hope things quiet down now and more geese show up so I can chase them away. Check out my pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.