Happy Birthday to Me!

Blog #21   – March 12th, 2020


Does anyone know what today is? Beside the fact, of course, that it is March 12th. It’s my birthday!! Yea, happy birthday to me. I am ten years old. Can you believe it? I can’t. I’ve really gotten around in my short life. I suppose not short if you believe that dog years are like 7 to 1 in people years. Good grief, now that I said that, that means I’m 70. What? Whew, let’s not think about that.

So, I was born in Georgia. My mom’s name was Pat and my dad’s name was Jim. They wanted all of us to have three-letter names so that’s how I became Vic. When my sister and I were six-months old, we got sent off to school. It was in Virginia at a place called Big Bend Farm. My teacher’s name was Barb. She taught us all kinds of things. We first had to learn how to sit and stay. Then she worked on come and down and how to walk with a lead on and how to stay beside her when she took the lead off. There was a lot of stuff to learn. After she thought we were listening to her good enough, she took us to a big field with lots of sheep. Wow, that was hard!

Miss Barb started talking to me in sentences then. She said things like ‘away to me’ and ‘come by’. And if she wanted me to stop, she’d yell ‘that’ll do’. I loved it. It was sad though, because my sister didn’t really like working with the sheep so she had to go back home. I was sad when she left, but I still had a good time chasing the sheep. My teacher would call me back to her and I would run as fast as I could and once I got beside her I would lay down and wait for a belly rub.

Belly rubs are the best. A lot of times, Miss Barb didn’t seem very happy about me wanting a belly rub. So, she told me that I was going to meet geese instead of sheep. She talked to me and told me to do a lot of the same things that she used to say when we were playing with sheep, but now I got to swim and chase these silly creatures around a pond.

She told me I was a good boy and that I did a better job with the geese than I did with the sheep. I couldn’t figure that out until the day my mom and dad came to meet me. Miss Barb told them I couldn’t be a sheep herder because I always wanted belly rubs. What? See, I guess it is a big no, no when herding sheep to return to your master and ask for a belly rub. But it’s okay when you have chased a flock of geese away.

I’m so glad I got to live at Pond Wiser. I really love chasing geese and my dad gives me belly rubs whenever I come back to him and when we get in the truck, he gives me treats. I would sure love to come to your property and chase the geese away. Call Pond Wiser at 330-833-FROG and tell them you are looking for a great Border Collie who will chase geese away for belly rubs – that’s me!