Goose Chasing Dog Blog #10

Hi “fur”ever friends,


This month I want to tell you about my goose chasing. So many people are curious about what I do. And they don’t really believe it works. But my Border Collie body is shaped like a wolf. Especially when I get in my “stance”. And the wolf is the only known predator to a Canadian goose. I go in different directions depending on what my daddy tells me.

vic with geese

My daddy and I are a good team. The geese are smarter than you think. They recognize our truck. I know! That’s crazy, isn’t it? But when we pull in they get up and start walking away and wait to see what is going to happen. If they see me at all, they take off more quickly and usually fly away. So, Daddy and I do a sneak attack. I get so excited that usually daddy holds on to me and we creep behind the shrubbery or truck and then he lets me loose. Oooooh, the wind in my hair is incredible, and sometimes I leap into the air and bark! It is so much fun.


Sometimes I go to really big lakes. They are so big that unless my daddy puts his boat in, there is no way I can swim all the way across. So, in those cases, Daddy helps me out. He has the neatest remote boat. It’s big and shoots water out the back. Man, can it fly across the water. And those geese really don’t like it. Since we’re a team though, I wait on shore and if they come back on land or fly back into the water close to me, I go after them. Together we are awesome!

If geese are a problem in your area, call my daddy at 330-685-3637.