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4/5/18: Blog #16

Hi furever friends and furry friends,

So, this is a first for my dad and me. Here’s what usually happens when we go out goose chasing. Dad pulls into the parking lot or driveway of where I am working. He scouts out the area and decides the best way to send me to chase these pesky creatures. Recently, Dad sent me and I turned around and ran right back to the truck. He yelled at me, but the geese had gone so we went to the next property.
The next day I wouldn’t get out of the truck when we pulled into the same place again. My dad was really angry with me. He put my lead on, which I never have to wear, and made me walk with him. When we got home, he told my mom. She wasn’t mad; she was worried. See, Mom and Dad had a Border Collie before they adopted me. He died from lung and brain cancer. His name was Mac. Mac started doing really weird things and unusual behaviors. This is how they discovered he had cancer. After awhile they took him to the vet and told him what was happening. After a few tests and listening to what Mom and Dad said, he was diagnosed. So, Mom got scared and thought maybe I was getting sick.
The next day I got out of the truck like Dad told me and chased the goose. The same thing happened to me as before. BUT, this time, Dad saw it happen. The goose turned and attacked me. I was able to get away. As soon as Dad saw the goose do that, he sent me to stand by the truck. I had scared the goose enough that it went into the large pond behind this building. Dad got out his remote boat and chased it. Do you know what that goose did? It attacked the boat and put a big hole in the top of it.
Now Dad was getting mad at the goose and kept circling it with the boat until it flew away. The next morning, he was able to shine the laser on it at dawn and it left. It decided Dad and I were too tough so it hasn’t returned. I’m glad about that too! I do not want to be attacked again.
All in a day’s work of a Goose Chasing Border Collie. Give Pond Wiser a call if you need me to chase geese away for you. 330-833-FROG

Until the next time furry friends and peeps,

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