Blog #24 – 1-4-2021

Hello, furry and hooman friends,
Happy New Year! I’ve heard some gossip through the grapevine that last year was not good for hoomans. Sorry to hear that. I was really busy chasing geese in 2020. Those pesky creatures are everywhere. I am even chasing them in three cemeteries. Yea, yea, I know that sounds kind of
humorous. That’s what Dad thought too when they contacted Pond Wiser about having me chase the geese away. After going there one to three times a day for several months now, we all understand why they called and also that it isn’t a laughing matter. These are beautifully maintained facilities and widely used. No, not used, like lots of dead people, but I guess there are quite a few. Widely used, like all the people who visit the final resting place of their hooman that is gone now. Many come and sit at the grave sites and almost all place flowers and other mementos for their loved ones. And the maintenance crew takes really good care of the grounds.

One day there were several hoomans who work for the cemetery. My dad got me out of the truck and sent me down over a big hill to chase the geese. It was awesome! They all took off into the air in one big group. The workers started clapping for me. How cool was that? I was so happy that they were happy.

Let me tell you though, some of those long runs are getting a little tougher than they used to be. I am almost eleven years old and no spring chicken. Even though, I do need to brag just a little, I don’t have any medical problems. But, I’ve heard Mom and Dad talking about getting me an assistant. Cool! I think I deserve an assistant after nine years.

Do you remember me telling you that I was born in Georgia and then went to be trained in Virginia? True story. I did. And then my mom and dad came and got me and now I live in Ohio. It seems my helper is going to be coming from North Carolina. Mom and Dad are heading there soon to bring either my brother or sister home to Ohio. This should be right on time for the peak season of goose chasing. I can’t wait!

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