Winterize Your Pond or Water Feature Now! Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Winterize Your Pond or Water Feature Now! Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

It’s that time of year again here in northeast Ohio when we look for the white stuff falling from the sky! Cold weather has set in, and it’s now time to get those ponds and water features ready for the freezing temperatures. If you don’t want problems with your pond or water feature in the spring, then you need to get them taken care of now. Pond Wiser is here to help your body of water be healthy and look its best when springtime rolls around.

Plant Care in Ponds & Water Features
Pond Wiser will trim and remove any dead or dying plants or plant material so you avoid debris build up over the winter months which becomes a mess to remove in the spring. Fall is always the best time to trim the plants and lilies back before the frost hits. Proper care of your plants now will most likely provide more blooms the following summer.
winterize in fall

Chemically Speaking
You really need to remove some of the excess debris from your water that is left this time of year from both dying plants and falling leaves. If not taken care of now, these organic items will continue to decompose, using up oxygen and producing hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas. Pond Wiser will work to remove debris and ultimately cut down on sludge left at the bottom of the water. As some aquatic creatures need a place to burrow during the winter, there is no need to completely remove every bit of mud and debris from your pond.

If you work with Pond Wiser throughout the year you will notice that they work hard to keep up with the falling leaves and try to prevent debris from having the opportunity to become a problem.

Get your pond or water feature in better health today! Call Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Pond Wiser

Pond Wiser is a locally owned and operated company. They are based in Massillon Ohio and provide many services to both residential and commercial customers. They primarily serve the Stark and Summit County Regions of Northeast Ohio.

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