Why does my pond smell fishy? Pond Wiser to the rescue 330 833 FROG

Why does my pond smell fishy? Pond Wiser to the rescue 330 833 FROG

There are many reasons why your pond smells fishy; and we’re not just going to say it’s probably because there are fish in it. It’s that unusual fishy or bad gassy smell that usually alarms pond and water feature owners. Pond Wiser gets calls from pond and water feature owners that something smells bad, and they can’t figure out why. Many things can cause the fishy smell such as dead fish, waste, high ammonia levels, high nitrogen levels, improper bacteria levels, improper filters, and more.

Many times, along with the fishy smell are some visual clues to look for which indicate just how bad the water quality is. Dead fish will tell you instantly that the water is toxic and needs to be treated. Other clues of what’s going on are cloudy water or thick layers of blue-green algal blooms. Algae is not dangerous to your pond in small amounts and actually helps to clean the water. If, however, it is allowed to grow, then it can become deadly as it turns the water into a bluish-green algal bloom and can’t hold oxygen any more.

Waste can create smelly ponds; rising ammonia levels can also produce a very bad smell.
Unpleasant smells in ponds from waste come from various things including fish themselves. Waste in ponds also comes from uneaten fish food and pieces of decaying plant fragments. Leaves, grass clippings, pollen, and molds may also be present in varying quantities. Animal matter may be present in a wide variety such as dead insects, bird droppings, and many other possible sources. Anything that falls into your pond will decay and create potentially dangerous waste. It is important to check your pond periodically for anything that has fallen into the water and remove it before it overwhelms the pond filter and produces ammonia.

Ammonia will kill fish if the levels get too high. Anything that is organic matter will decompose and form deadly ammonia. What is organic matter? A leaf, a dead frog, pollen, and insects are all examples of organic matter. Pond plants can help reduce ammonia levels. Plants absorb and metabolize nitrates as a food source. Plants clean and pump oxygen back into the water.

Pond Wiser will help your pond grow helpful bacteria to battle the waste and ammonia that may be present in the smelly water. No matter the situation you find yourself in, Pond Wiser can help.

They have over 26 years of expertise in solving the mysteries of strange smells in ponds and water features. Give Pond Wiser a call and let the DR prescribe a treatment to get that nasty smell removed for good.

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