Water Gardens in Ohio require year round service to be the best looking water garden possible!

Having an Ohio water garden and maintaining it professionally are two completely different things. Many people start out with the great idea of beginning a water garden until they realize that like a regular (dirt-based) garden these things require some upkeep.  Both types of gardens also grow, wait for it, weeds!  These weeds can choke out the good, healthy species you have taken the time and money to plant in the first place.  Even your “good” plants in your Ohio water garden can often grow more quickly than anticipated and cause more maintenance issues.  Some plants should only be dealt with when they become dormant in the fall. Here is a “free tip” for you DIY ers.

water garden

Did you know that fall is the best time of year to take action on the dormant plants in your water garden?  Remove any debris that has collected in the water garden from fallen leaves, seed pods, etc.  Then start with the plants in your water garden.

If you are still fertilizing your water garden, stop now. Doing so will encourage root development for spring. Trim your plants of any yellow, brown, or decaying foliage and take an inventory to decide which plants can be left in the water garden, which ones should be removed, and which ones will be discarded.

Pond Wiser will make sure that the great plants in your water garden are maintained properly and that any uninvited guests are summarily dismissed from the garden. Water levels also may need to be adjusted heading into winter months depending on the depth of the water garden and if you plan on maintaining a healthy habitat for the plants and any of the wildlife living in your water garden. Fish may need to be removed if the water garden isn’t deep enough and can possibly freeze solid, killing all of the fish. Pond Wiser will maintain the harmony that needs to exist in any thriving water garden environment.

If you want to just enjoy the time by your water garden without the hassle, then pick up the phone and call the Ohio water garden experts today at 330-833-3764.

For more than 23 years, Northeast Ohio businesses and residences have turned to their locally owned and operated professionals at Pond Wiser Inc., in Stark County, Ohio. The DR (aka Denny Ray) is licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is a leader in the aquatic industry when it comes to diagnosing your water garden, pond, or lake ailments.


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