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So, you want to have a small water garden here in Northeast Ohio? You decide to dig a hole in your backyard, fill it with water, and dump some fish in. This is definitely a recipe for complete failure. Without proper planning to create a sustainable aquatic environment, the death of all fish is pretty much guaranteed. It is very important to have a plan to control the nutrients going into any water garden before introducing any aquatic life.

Some of the most common nutrients found in lawn fertilizer are nitrogen compounds and phosphorus. This is important because most water gardens are installed next to lawns which many times are treated with various nutrients that may cause excessive algae growth, killing all aquatic life. Controlling algae growth is one of the most important components to developing healthy aquatic life.
If you want to ensure creation of a successful water garden here in Ohio, you should talk to us at Pond Wiser before starting. Even if you’ve already started and need help, we can fix just about anything. We are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for aquatic control management. This separates us from most other companies when it comes to truly being experts in the water garden industry. We know what chemicals can be used safely to keep your water garden healthy without killing fish or any aquatic life.
We can even install correctly-sized water pumps that will keep the oxygen levels ideal for sustaining healthy aquatic life depending on the size of the water garden.
The earlier you contact us here at Pond Wiser, the earlier we can ensure a successful water garden that you will enjoy for many years to come.
Call the water garden experts here in Ohio; call us at 330-833-FROG!

We install and service water gardens throughout Stark County, Summit County, Massillon, Canton, North Canton, Tuscarawas County, and surrounding areas.

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