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We are the water garden experts in Ohio! If you’re thinking of adding a water garden, you should speak to us first. We are here to help. If you have an existing water garden, we can help you maintain or correct any issues you may have.

With soothing sounds and distinctive plants, water gardens are varied, beautiful, and welcome additions to your yard. We at Pond Wiser have ideas to help you pick one that’s perfect for your landscape. Some water gardeners like fish in their water features, while others opt for more focus on the water-garden plants.

No matter the size of your water garden there will be some maintenance items  to be considered before you start your project.  Take for example, pumps. Many times the pumps will not be sized properly for the water garden and will then burn out very quickly as they are being overworked. This is a very expensive mistake to make when planning your water garden. We have also seen homeowners that have not planned properly for electrical needs in close proximity to their water garden; like lighting that they later discover they want to add around the edge of their water garden.

We believe that having a good plan for all aspects of your water garden will help avoid other mistakes we have seen property owners make.

One mistake we have seen is choosing the wrong type of foliage that is suitable for Ohio weather. This is very important to consider in your planning before establishing your water garden. You don’t want to find out that the exotic plants that you put in can’t survive an Ohio winter. We can help you choose the foliage that will give the most beautiful colors throughout the year, while looking the best in your space.

We have fixed many water gardens, and we can fix yours too! However, if you haven’t started on your water garden, we would prefer to help you avoid problems by doing it right the first time!

If you want to have your Ohio water garden done right the first time, give us a call today at 330-833-FROG!

Pond Wiser serves northeast Ohio.

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