Want a healthy lawn? Pond Wiser to the rescue, 330-833-FROG

Want a healthy lawn? Pond Wiser to the rescue, 330-833-FROG

If you want a healthy lawn, then you need to get with the lawn care experts in Northeast Ohio, Pond Wiser. Pond Wiser is also Lawn Wiser. They can diagnose and treat any ailments your lawn may be experiencing. Some of the most common problems with growing a healthy lawn include soil compaction, thatch, and proper mowing height.Soil compaction and thatch build-up result in shallow roots and reduced water infiltration and air flow. So, no matter how much you may water it won’t really help your lawn become healthy. You need to get to the root of the problem, pun intended. Mechanical soil aeration, vertical mowing (thatch removal), and coring can help loosen compacted soil.


Pond Wiser can come to your property and fix these issues for you. It is not unusual for residential lawns to contain shallow top soil and compaction from frequent vehicle access and foot and animal traffic.Thatch is a dense layer of dead grass, stems and roots that develops between the soil surface and the growing grass. While some thatch is normal and desired, excessive thatch problems areoften a sign of over-watering and improper mowing. Mechanical de-thatching in the early fall is recommended for lawns with more than one inch of thatch build-up. Proper mowing at the correct heights and frequencies with a sharp blade is very important for lawn health. Mowing at heights between 2 and 3 inches is best to encourage deeper roots, discourage weeds, and reduce evaporation.

Pond Wiser has high quality lawn care equipment that ensures that your lawn will always be mowed to the proper height depending on current weather conditions.Don’t worry about trying to fix your lawn’s issues yourself. The proper equipment will cost you more than many years of being on a lawn care maintenance program with the good people at Lawn Wiser.Give them a call and get off the bad grass! 330-833-FROG

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