Want a great looking lawn? Hire the experts at Pond Wiser…Call them at 330-833-FROG

Did you know that the experts at Pond Wiser are also Lawn Wiser? It’s true; the Lawn Wiser experts can help you have a great looking lawn. We even offer several different plans for treating and maintaining your property on a weekly or monthly program throughout the season.

Who wants to mow their own lawn? Honestly, almost no one. It always needs to be mowed when you have other things to do. Get your weekend life back, and let the experts from Pond Wiser take it from here.

We also handle property management that can make your entire development look great. Let the professionals handle your property and make your lawns a lush, green paradise. We are turf management certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. This means that we know what chemicals should and should not be used on your specific lawn.

Green lawn

Great looking lawn


Proper mowing and watering techniques are the first step toward a healthier lawn. But what’s next? Fertilizer? What kind? Weed control? How much? And when? The truth is, lawn care is a complex science. But many homeowners rely on trial and error and end up frustrated, never reaching their lawn goals.

Don’t chance applying too much fertilizer and burning your yard, or not enough and encouraging weeds to flourish.

An expert lawn care service, like Pond Wiser, can remove the guesswork and frustration and get your lawn on the right path, right away. That’s because Pond Wiser’s own Denny Ray has the training and expertise to recognize your lawn’s specific needs. He will know if your lawn is low in phosphorus, or if your pH is too high.  We’ll take a tailored approach, making sure your lawn gets exactly what it needs, exactly when needed.

With a professional lawn care service like Pond Wiser, you can avoid wasted time and spend more of it enjoying your lush, green lawn.

Pond Wiser provides professional lawn care service in Massillon, Akron, Canton, and surrounding areas. Call us today and get your weekends back!

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