Bogged Down

I’d just like to say this blogging thing has bogged me down. (Yes, pun intended) I always think I am going to write something several times a week and the next thing I know, weeks have passed. But, here I am now –

We are into full swing. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. By now, everyone has had a pre-emergent herbicide put on their lawns and are getting ready for the next treatment which is a weed & feed.

Almost all clients’ water gardens are opened. It never fails after winter that several pumps decide to take a leave of their capacities, but those are all getting replaced now as well. Also this time of year, things shift with the Ohio freeze and thaw, and that often causes leaks once the ponds are up and running. We are thrilled this year to have a new hire that picked up quickly on the repair end of the job and has taken the “skimmer box by the horns” and tamed many.

For our lake customers, some of them started getting weed and algae control in April and others didn’t begin until May. So far, it’s been fairly easy to keep under control but when looking ahead to the 80 plus degree forecast things will heat up fast and start to get ugly just as quickly.

Then there’s the lawn mowing. Seriously, what perfect environment we’ve had for grass growing. There for awhile it was warm days and cool nights and the grass thrived. It slowed a little while the rainfall waned, but here we go again.

As far as our slithery friends go, they haven’t been too prevalent yet. You’ve heard of angry birds, but have you heard of angry snakes? Most of these creepy crawlies just take off on their merry way, but we have one client that always has angry snakes. This year the one doing the most hissing got caught and sent to another lake. We hope he stays in his new home.

Vic is still working. The geese season has been unusual this year as well. The females seem to be having their goslings at varying times, where normally you see all the babies at around the same time. Once she has her babies, she loses her pin feather and can’t fly either. This year there seems to be several that didn’t pair-up and are still flying. That’s kept Vic busy. I try to get pictures of him in action, but he runs so fast that usually it’s just a blur. We have added some pictures of him to the website. Check it out. He has videos on YouTube too.


Until next time, happy ponding!!