Ohio water garden experts at Pond Wiser can ensure that your ohio water garden won’t croak!

Ohio water garden experts at Pond Wiser can ensure that your Ohio water garden won’t croak!

Here in Ohio the weather can be pretty extreme, which can make caring for a water garden more difficult than in other parts of the country with milder climates. For example, if your water garden is not deep enough it may freeze solid, killing any and all plant and marine life present. Or how about algae?  Some algae naturally appears and causes your water garden to look green before naturally clearing out in later months.  If you don’t know the science of what is actually happening in your Ohio water garden, then you may add chemicals that aren’t really needed.

Did you know that water garden plants actually have multiple categories? They do! We at Pond Wiser can help you choose which one (or combination) will work best for you depending on your particular goals with your water garden.
Water garden plants are divided into three main categories: submerged, marginal, and floating. Submerged plants are those that live almost completely under the water, sometimes with leaves or flowers that grow to the surface such as with the water lily. These plants are placed in a pond or container usually 1–2 ft below the water’s surface. Some of these plants are called oxygenators because they create oxygen for the fish that live in a pond.
Marginal plants are those that live with their roots under the water but the rest of the plant above the surface. These are usually placed so that the top of the pot is at or barely below the water level.
Floating plants are those that are not anchored to the soil at all, but are free-floating on the surface. In water gardening, these are often used as a provider of shade to reduce algae growth in a pond. These are often extremely fast growing/multiplying.
Some areas of the United States do not allow certain of these plants to be sold or kept as they have become invasive species in warmer areas of the country, such as Florida and California.

Don’t risk throwing together a water garden here in Ohio and hoping for the best. We don’t want your plant and marine life croaking prematurely. We do provide free estimates and have over 24 years experience in the water garden industry. We are also licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and are careful to use chemicals only when necessary.

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