Need help with pond design? Pond Wiser to the rescue! 330-833-FROG

Need help with pond design? Pond Wiser to the rescue! 330-833-FROG


Specializing in Pond Design and Pond Construction – Pond Wiser builds and designs low maintenance, ecologically friendly water gardens for fish and plants, but more importantly for people! From small residential tranquility ponds to koi ponds and “pondless” waterfalls, and from water gardens to larger bodies of water, they do it all. For Pond Wiser no project is too small or too large. If you are looking for pond design, pond construction, “pondless” waterfalls, or need to have your water garden pond rebuilt, or perhaps you’ve just always wanted a pond, look no further! Pond Wiser will help your visions become a reality.

Pond design is not something that you should leave up to just anyone. Many pond design concepts are done on a whim and the result is that the koi pond, water garden,   “pondless” waterfall, or waterfall system is just haphazardly thrown into the far corners of a property. The result of this poor planning is that Pond Wiser is later called to fix the issues that arise and often has to move the body of water to a better location. Let Pond Wiser help you find the best location and choose the optimal design based on your property and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Having Pond Wiser involved in the early planning stages of your project will help to protect your investment by avoiding costly mistakes that need to be fixed later.

Pond Wiser provides year-round support for your water feature. They are the one-stop shop for everything related to your pond and water feature support.

Give Pond Wiser a call and discuss your upcoming pond or water feature plan. They have over 27 years of experience in pond design, installation, and ongoing pond maintenance and professional management. Call them today at 330-833-FROG.

Pond Wiser

Pond Management experts in Northeast Ohio. Pond Wiser has all of the answers to your pond and pond management questions.