Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride –

I like toads. That’s a strange statement, but true. Frogs I like to look at, but toads I will even catch and it’s not unusual to see me “helping” one out of harms way. Recently our toads had a wild ride. Before the humidity set in we had our windows open and every night I was serenaded to sleep by a toad. Mr. Pond was not quite as enamored with our toads though. He promptly announced each morning how tired he was from the toad choir.

On one particular morning while Mr. Pond was walking the property, he noticed the old-fashioned pump in our pond was not running. When he pulled the pump out to see what was going on, there was part of the choir. So, of course, Mr. Pond announced that evening that he was looking forward to a good night’s sleep since Mr. Toad had given his last concert. Only one problem with that theory, we had more than one toad. Again another beautiful evening with toad songs for me to fall asleep to and another restless night for Mr. Pond. But, as sweet revenge has it, the pump was once again not working in the morning. You guessed it – another night for Mr. Toad’s wild ride. This went on for a third night and then the toad songs stopped.

Mr. Pond has resumed his undisturbed sleeping and felt a little like gloating about the toad’s untimely demise. Never underestimate a toad though! Obviously all that croaking was for a little lady toad and she must have hopped over for a visit before Mr. Macho Toad met the pond pump because while working in my flower gardens the other day I was accompanied by baby toads. LOTS of baby toads!! I’m thinking Mr. Pond might be needing ear plugs in the very near future.