Let your pond scum be a thing of the past: Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Let your pond scum be a thing of the past: Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG


Pond Algae is a sure sign of an unhealthy pond. The arrival of spring often presents a problem for pond owners as the beautiful, clear water of their ponds disappears beneath a blanket of green, slimy, stinky pond algae or pond scum. “Pond Algae or Pond Scum” is a popular term for aquatic algae, which tends to “bloom,” or flourish in the spring time, and tends to spread over the top of the pond like an unwelcome green and brown blanket of unsightly, odorous vegetation.


Aquatic algae is a classified as a plant, but unlike most plants it has no roots, stems, or leaves. Pond algae can be found either floating on the pond surface or attached to other plants, bottom sediment, or other hard surfaces.

In most cases, chemicals may be needed to properly treat or remove the unsightly pond scum. Many “pond management” companies will use anything, even bleach, to remove algae. However, the experts at Pond Wiser will only use chemicals that are safe to humans and pets to remove bad algae.  It is important to choose a pond management company that encourages the body of water to regulate itself over time and use fewer chemicals to achieve a healthy balance. There are also certain steps you as the pond owner can take to help the pond become healthy once again.

Pond Algae Control

You can try to ensure that lawn treatment chemicals, leaves, and rain runoffs do not flow into your pond. This will definitely help to reduce the possibility of harmful algal blooms forming. There are also several types of fish that can be added to your pond that will eat the algae before it blooms. Koi, Catfish, and Carp are very efficient algae eaters.

Proper Aeration

Proper aeration adds oxygen to the water to help create an environment in which it is difficult for algae to grow. A properly-sized aerator will help ensure that oxygen levels are optimal to support both aquatic and plant life.


Pond Wiser can help restore balance to your pond. Call the Pond experts today at 330-833-FROG!


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