Happy Birthday Agent Vic! Our 4 Year Old Border Collie Celebrates His Birthday In Style

Our hardworking, lovable, adorable border collie has just celebrated his 4th birthday.  Vic is trained to disrupt geese and  get your property back from the foul fowl.

Happy Birthday, Vic!

Using a border collie to remove  geese and their toxic waste from your property is not only smart, but also has long-term goose-free results. According to the Humane Society, use of a trained border collie is a very effective and humane way to safely remove geese from nesting where they are not wanted.

Vic is an expert at disrupting the geese’s everyday easy living and he encourages them to move along. Even though he poses no real danger to the geese, they do not know that. As soon as they see him, they scatter. If you haven’t seen Vic in action, you should check out our You Tube videos… Just go to You Tube and enter Pond Wiser in the search bar.

Vic encourages you to not feed geese, especially the Canadian goose at local parks. Even though it is fun for the kids to watch the geese eat, you are actually causing harm to them. Did you know that if enough people feed the geese white bread, the geese can lose their ability to fly? In fact, a diet composed of white bread can cause a bone disorder known as “angel wing” in young birds. One or both wrist joints fail to develop properly, and the affected wings will not lie flat against a bird’s body. The disorder is also known as “airplane wing.” Waterfowl with this condition cannot fly.

Vic says that if you have a goose problem or know of someone who does, you need to call or have them call Pond Wiser. Vic is always willing to help!

Call us today to discuss any geese problems you may have; we can help!