Goose Goose Go Away!

If you have a pond or lake here in Northeast Ohio, chances are good that if you don’t already have Geese living there, you probably soon will. Geese leave behind horribly toxic waste that can make humans and animals very sick, not to mention the green and white minefield they apply to your lawn. So how do you Goose the Geese out of your pond or lake without having to kill them?
According to the US Humane Society, the most effective way to scare geese away is with trained goose-herding dogs. Enter Pond Wiser and Agent Vic. Agent Vic is a border collie who has been professionally trained to disrupt geese life. Geese are creatures of habit, and when they feel they are not safe, they move on to find another home. Pond Wiser’s Agent Vic has been working with our professional handler to disrupt the lives of many hundreds of Geese for several years now.
So why not just get any dog and let it run after the Geese? An untrained dog will only chase the birds into the water, where, if not pursued, they quickly learn the dog is not a real threat. Agent Vic will pursue Geese into the water and keep pursuing until the Geese fly away. This is the level of disruption you must have to get the Geese to leave their home, permanently. Also, an untrained dog could hurt or kill a Goose very easily without really trying to.

Give us a call at Pond Wiser, and we can develop a plan to disrupt the charmed life of your Geese. We will help give you cleaner land and water, while applying a humane solution to the problem.

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