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Pond Wiser is a proud member of Ducks Unlimited. You may not know a lot about Ducks Unlimited, but you should know that they are a very effective organization when it comes to preserving existing wetlands. Pond Wiser, along with many other companies, gives support to this noble preservation cause.

Ducks Unlimited’s mission is habitat conservation. The organization got its start back in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when America and Canada’s waterfowl populations had plunged to new lows. A small group of sportsmen got together and decided to take action before all of the ducks were completely gone.

Wetlands are not only beneficial for the waterfowl or the 900 plus wildlife species that rely on their existence for their own, but they also help people. Wetlands are North America’s most productive ecosystems, providing invaluable recreation for people to enjoy. Wetlands also help prevent flooding and soil erosion.

Wetlands function as natural sponges that trap and slowly release surface water, rain, snow melt, groundwater, and flood waters. Trees, root mats, and other wetland vegetation also slow flood waters and distribute them more slowly over the floodplain. This combined water storage and braking action lowers flood heights and reduces erosion. Wetlands within and downstream of urban areas are particularly valuable because they counteract the greatly increased rate and volume of surface-water runoff from pavement and buildings. The holding capacity of wetlands helps control floods and prevents water logging of crops. Preserving and restoring wetlands, together with other water retention, can often provide the level of flood control otherwise provided by expensive dredge operations and levees. The bottomland hardwood- riparian wetlands along the Mississippi River- once stored at least 60 days of floodwater. Now they store only 12 days because most have been either filled or drained.

Ohio Ducks Unlimited’s presence is almost as old as that of Ducks Unlimited, Inc. Formed in 1938, Ohio Ducks Unlimited provided volunteer leadership for Ducks Unlimited in the state of Ohio for the purpose of raising funds for DU’s conservation efforts. Ducks Unlimited serves as an important visible presence  in Ohio. Ohio DU continues in important roles: as a voice for Ohio DU members and dedicated volunteers and as a conduit between the Ohio membership and the national organization.

Pond Wiser would like you to consider joining Ducks Unlimited and help us to take care of the valuable resources that God has given us.

If you have a pond or lake and need help managing it, please contact us at 330-833-FROG.


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