Core Aeration Service from Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Core Aeration Service from Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG



Pond Wiser offers full lawn care maintenance plans which include core aeration. Opening small holes in the soil, core aeration breaks up your soil, increasing its circulation as it grows healthy and thrives. Core aeration also increases the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the roots of your lawn, stimulating new root development, inviting a thicker turf. Core aeration opens up passage ways of water and air to the root system. Pond Wiser wants to help your lawn get the nutrients and water that it needs to stay healthy throughout the growing season. Core aeration is an important part of lawn treatment and will guarantee that you have a full, thick lawn all year long. There are other important benefits that come with core aeration as well.


Core aeration is good at helping to remove diseases. Core aeration affects the soil compaction by increasing the decomposition of thatch, reducing habitats for insects and diseases. It works by removing cores of soil and thatch, allowing your lawn to better breathe and absorb the water it needs to be healthy. This encourages conditions that favor microorganisms that can naturally breakdown accumulated thatch.


Pond Wiser not only works to make your lawn look great when they mow it, they also make sure that your lawn stays young. Core aeration is the fountain of youth for any lawn no matter the age. Core aeration allows a lawn to be overseeded. Isn’t overseeding a bad thing? No, overseeding helps to add fresh new grass to the old established grass already in place. By opening the soil through core aeration, you give new grass a chance to seed and grow, keeping your lawn fresh and green throughout the year.

Spring or fall is the best time of year for core aeration, when the lawn is still actively growing and the soil is still moist. Pond Wiser will set a schedule for all your lawn maintenance services, including core aeration. Call Pond Wiser today.  Get hopping on core aeration! 330-833-FROG


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