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Choosing a lawn care company in Ohio is not just about getting a cheap price for your lawn care. Some lawn care companies show up to do their work in dilapidated trucks with unsafe trailers and old, unreliable equipment. Old equipment might get you a low price, but it may indicate that you are dealing with amateurs with no real skill and certainly no certifications for the chemicals they are applying to your lawn. Also, do they have insurance? This is a very important question if something goes wrong. What could go wrong you ask? There are many stories of lawn care companies applying grass killer instead of fertilizer and completely destroying people’s yards. Also, if they aren’t applying the correct levels of fertilizer it can lead to the destruction of your grass and even harming the drinking water in the area.

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When choosing a lawn care company, try to balance price with professional appearance and work. The employees should be clean and polite, and the truck and equipment should be clean and relatively new.
You usually get what you pay for, not always, but usually. While it may cost a little more, it will definitely be worth it. Look into the services they are providing and carefully examine each lawn program. Also, see if they have certifications from the state dealing with chemicals. If they don’t tell you, then you need to ask. Most reputable companies will allow you to do some of the maintenance of your property on your own; just remember to work this out first to ensure that you are using the correct chemicals at the proper time and at the recommended levels.
You should also ask this question. What is the experience level of the owners of the company? Lots of lawn care companies are started by people with good intentions who don’t really know what they’re doing. A lawn care company should be upfront and open about their education, licensing, what products they are using, and when they are applying them. They should provide a copy of the label (if you request it) and adhere to all local and state laws with regards to pesticide applications.
Should I just pick a big name company? The big name companies tend to lack the personal touch that a local lawn service will provide and many times they will recommend up to 8 lawn treatments, which in most cases is unnecessary. They do this so they can bill you, even for treatments you may not need.
If you are in Northeast Ohio, you should give the professional lawn care specialists at Pond Wiser a call. They are certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for both aquatic control and turf management. (This means they are surf and turf experts!)
Pond Wiser has been treating lawns in Northeast Ohio for over 25 years and will give you the personal touch you are looking for from a lawn care specialist. They will only give you what you need, and nothing you don’t.
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Pond Wiser serves Northeast Ohio for lawn care management including: Stark County, Wayne County, Tuscarawas County, and Summit County.

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