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After you have properly winterized and stored your aerator, it’s time to start thinking about next spring. What changes do you want to make to your water garden or pond? Do you want to add some plants? If so, which ones grow best in Ohio’s harsh climate? Want to add some fish? Do you need to change the depth of your water garden or pond for that? These are just a few of the questions for you to consider and discuss with us at Pond Wiser well before the spring weather arrives.

You will want to make sure that you have a goal before the weather warms up so you get the most time to enjoy your water feature during the nicer weather. At Pond Wiser, we have over 25 years of experience with water gardens, ponds, and lakes. We can answer the questions you have and will be able to make successful recommendations based on our experience.

We like to get started on the water gardens and ponds soon after the ice is gone and the temperatures are beginning to rise. Often we find that there will be an accumulation of leaves or other debris that has been trapped under the ice and must be removed prior to installing an aerator to ensure proper functionality.

Leaves and sludge are responsible for damaging many aerators and throwing off the algae balance in water gardens and smaller ponds. We will also generally recommend starting to feed any fish when the temperature reaches about 50 degrees on a consistent basis.
We will develop a plan to maintain your water garden or pond on a monthly basis so all you have to do is enjoy your water feature throughout the year. Let us work with you to create a proper environment for plants and fish to thrive.

So start thinking about what changes you might want to make for next spring and let us help bring your ideas to life. We want you to get years of enjoyment out of your water feature, so let us serve you today!

Don’t delay, give us a call today! Mr. Pond is waiting for you to call. 330-833-FROG

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