3 Ways that Pond Wiser can help you open your Pond or Lake this spring! 330-833-FROG

We can all agree that we are happy to see this winter go!

This means it’s finally spring and time to open your pond or lake for a new season.

Plan ImprovementsYou can never start planning too early. Once the weather breaks and temperatures climb, the environment in your pond or lake can change quickly. If you are planning on adding a fountain or a waterfall, then now is the time to contact us to get these installations scheduled. Pond Wiser books up very quickly during the spring months. You want to be at the front of our line to ensure that we are available to help you achieve your goals. You should be talking with the lake and pond management experts now. Don’t wait until it’s already 80 degrees and sunny. We want you to enjoy your pond or lake for the entire season!  If you are in Northeast Ohio, you should give us at Pond Wiser a call and let us help develop a plan to make your dreams a reality.

Testing –We don’t test unless we have something we can not identify. Let the DR (our own expert, Denny Ray)  prescribe the correct treatment to get any known deficiencies corrected. In early spring, the pond ecosystem is in a transitional state where water conditions can rapidly deteriorate. Increased biological activity means a greater demand for oxygen, especially in dirty ponds. As organic materials from the previous year begin to break down, they can lower pond pH, release harmful ammonia, and provide an abundant supply of nutrients for algae. All of these issues and many more can be treated after we identify the issue. We don’t guess at what your pond or lake needs.  Each body of water, even in the same area, will have its own unique bacteria profile.
Let us check the plumbing & electrical – We carefully examine your filtration system to make sure everything is in working order. We do things like check for cracks on the filter or kinks in the plumbing line and also test the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. We can even replace equipment or parts that are damaged or not working properly. This will ensure proper filter operation once the water temperature is warm enough (above 45°F) to start your pond filtration system.
Let the DR come and give your pond or lake the proper treatment to avoid sickness all together.
Hop on over to our lily pad, give us a call at 330-833-FROG