3 Myths about Ponds and Water Gardens Debunked By Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

3 Myths about Ponds and Water Gardens Debunked By Pond Wiser


1)      If I have a water garden or pond, then I will have a yard filled with mosquitoes.

Pond Wiser is happy to tell you that mosquitoes will generally only lay their eggs in still, stagnant water. If the mosquitoes happen to lay eggs in your pond and the mosquito larvae hatch, the fish in your pond will consider them a treat and will pick them off the water’s surface with great enthusiasm. A properly designed pond will turn over all the water at least once per hour, so then your skimmer will sweep up whatever the fish miss.

2)       It’s okay to use chemicals like chlorine in your pond or water garden.

Chlorine is good for humans in the local swimming pool, which must mean chemicals are okay for fish and the plants in the pond. Not true! While chemicals like chlorine may initially kill algae, they cause greater problems over time. Not to mention that if you add too much you will kill every living thing in the water. After being added to the water, the chemicals then drop to the bottom of the pond, biodegrade, and provide nutrition for something called an algal bloom. You don’t want algal blooms in your water. They may actually make your water toxic to all animals, like dogs, as well as to humans. When the water supply from Lake Erie was undrinkable, it was due to harmful algal blooms. These had been caused, in part, by chemical runoff from lawns. Pond Wiser will help you maintain a naturally balanced pond that allows Mother Nature to take care of all the maintenance issues.


3)      You can never have too much filtration in your pond or water garden.

It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true! You can over-filter a pond. This is not water you will be drinking.  What we are talking about is water clarity and water that’s healthy for your fish and plants. Fish in the wild need certain algae present just to survive. Pond Wiser can help you put in the right-sized filter for your water so you aren’t constantly emptying the filter. Water clarity isn’t always going to be perfect if you have a properly balanced pond or water garden. You shouldn’t expect to see the rocks out in the middle of your pond or water garden. If you do, then it may be a sign that too many chemicals are present or over-filtering has occurred.


If you are considering a pond or water feature, then let Pond Wiser come and give you some ideas that will ensure success. Pond Wiser is the “King of Ponds” here in Northeast Ohio. They will even come out and give you a free estimate to do the job right the first time.

Have an existing body of water that needs some help, or you feel has some issues? We can address those and get your water back into balance right away.


Give them a call to get started today! 330-833-FROG









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