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Spring is Coming! Call Pond Wiser and be prepared!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Yesterday Vic did something he’s never done before – he chased goose up onto a roof. See, there is this building on the property that he is currently working. The one side of the building is built into a hillside. On several occasions in the past, the geese have flown up to the roof to get away from Vic instead of flying away all together. Yesterday they did just that so Mr. Pond walked Vic around to the backside of the property and commanded him straight forward and when he reached the roof area he directed him with the command “up”. Vic turned and looked at Mr Pond and so Vic was told again “up” and that’s what he did. He jumped up to the roof and chased the geese [Read More…]

Winter is almost over!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

  Can you believe winter is almost over? Vic continues his daily goose chasings. The cold doesn’t bother him. Now summer is another story. The heat doesn’t stop him running but he will try to find the shade if he is lying outside. Wearing a heavy, black fur coat doesn’t work well during the hot months.  Oh, but how easily I digress to warmer weather… Home Wiser work is underway when Mr. Pond and Vic aren’t chasing geese. Last week was seminar time. Each winter Mr. Pond tries to become “wiser” and to learn about what the EPA has changed with rulings and chemical formulations. There are usually changes every year. You know, it’s a government thing! Our yearly water garden maintenance clients are still receiving two monthly service calls. [Read More…]