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Are You Scared Of Snakes?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Okay, so if you follow this blog or read our newsletters, you know I am petrified of snakes. Normally, on any given week, “pond guys” run into some of the slithery creatures. This year though, things-that-go-slither-in-the-night (and day), have been scarce. Do you know why? I’ve figured it out – I haven’t been out working with the guys. See, I am a reptile magnet. Seriously! Mr. Pond spent his childhood looking for snakes and regaled stories about how much he and his buddies loved to find a perfect specimen and bring it home to stay in the baby pool out back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Baby pools are baby pools. Not snake pools, or frog houses, or toad condos. Anyway, when we met and he began spewing this knowledge as [Read More…]