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Pesky Geese Are Back: Vic’s Blog for Pondwiser

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

3/6/18: Blog #15 Hi furever friends and furry friends, I am back to work, and lovin’ it! Those pesky geese are back and I am not having any of it. My dad takes me every morning and every afternoon. Do you have geese at your home or office? Now is the time to take control of them, and I am the one to do it if you are in the Canton, Ohio area. I have some pretty exciting news. I had an article published about me in a local magazine. Compass Media hired my mom to write for them, and one of the articles she wrote was in their winter publication. The article was all about me!! How fun is that? Here are some of the fact about geese my [Read More…]

Vic is being lazy! Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Friday, January 5th, 2018

12/28: Blog #14   Hi furever friends and furry friends,   Can you say lazy? That is what I have been. I go out with my dad every day. But, herein lies the problem – I am just too good at my job. No, really! I am sent out to chase geese and they leave. Yep, disappear. They fear the big, black, furry dog! So, if they don’t come back that puts me out of work. Usually in January and February they try to come back and that puts me back to work. Let’s talk holidays. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. How about you? Did Santa Dog come and see you? He brought me Greenies. I LOVE Greenies!! They are my favorite so mom only buys the tiny [Read More…]

Hey folks, are you having a good week? This has been a much better week here at Pond Wiser. My daddy hasn’t had any accidents. Yea!!

Friday, October 28th, 2016
Border Collie Agent Vic Resting In Between Missions

Hey folks, are you having a good week? This has been a much better week here at Pond Wiser. My daddy hasn’t had any accidents. Yea!! My week started with a good old-fashioned brushing. Oh, it felt so good. I am really hairy and my mom always has to get out the sweeper in our office because I leave hair everywhere. I really don’t like the sweeper at all. It is so loud and hurts my ears. I bite at it, but mom and dad don’t like me to do that. Well, it’s not like I mean to leave the hair; it just happens! I jump up on the tailgate of my daddy’s truck when he calls me and says up and then I sit there (or lay there) and [Read More…]

Winter is almost over!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

  Can you believe winter is almost over? Vic continues his daily goose chasings. The cold doesn’t bother him. Now summer is another story. The heat doesn’t stop him running but he will try to find the shade if he is lying outside. Wearing a heavy, black fur coat doesn’t work well during the hot months.  Oh, but how easily I digress to warmer weather… Home Wiser work is underway when Mr. Pond and Vic aren’t chasing geese. Last week was seminar time. Each winter Mr. Pond tries to become “wiser” and to learn about what the EPA has changed with rulings and chemical formulations. There are usually changes every year. You know, it’s a government thing! Our yearly water garden maintenance clients are still receiving two monthly service calls. [Read More…]