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Hi, “fur”ever friends

Friday, October 7th, 2016

Hi, “fur”ever friends, Vic here. A couple of weeks ago my “peep” went away. Normally I go to the doggy spa, but this time they had someone come to my house to take care of me. Whew! What a fiasco that was. One time he came in the middle of the night and then didn’t come back until the next afternoon. It was not fun like the doggy spa is. When my “peeps” got back, I was really mad at them so I peed on the floor. I have never done that. Wow, were they angry with me! I will never do that again. I hate it when my mommy and daddy get mad at me. I want to please them all the time. But since my peeps have been [Read More…]

Hi, I’m Vic. Welcome to my “working dog blog”.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
Border Collie who humanely removes geese from your yard. Pond Wiser trained border collie

Hi, I’m Vic. Welcome to my “working dog blog”. I hope we can become “fur”ever friends. Let me tell you about me. I am a registered Border Collie and I was born on March 12th, 2010 in Alabama. I had three brothers and three sisters. And my parent’s names were Jim and Pat. No, really, that’s true. We all have three letter names. One of my sisters and I were sent to a great place called Big Bend Farm in Millboro, VA. We met lots of new friends. Every day all of my friends, my sister and I went to school. There was so much to learn! The hardest class was vocabulary. My teacher Barb talked to us all the time and we had to do exactly what she said. [Read More…]

Time for the geese to go! Goose Control with Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Time for the geese to go! Goose Control with Pond Wiser 330-833-FROG The Canadian Geese migration begins in the fall here in Northern Ohio. Once you see Canadian geese visiting your property, it is important to interrupt their daily routine right away. You don’t want to be on their route, they aren’t delivering anything you want. You also want to make sure that they do not linger, leave a big mess behind, or decide to take up permanent residence. Unlike most human visitors, geese do not realize when they have overstayed their welcome. Their very presence truly becomes toxic to your property. It is important to understand geese migration patterns in order to know how to deter them. Pond Wiser knows how to deter them and utilizes skilled border collies, [Read More…]