Winter is almost over!


Can you believe winter is almost over? Vic continues his daily goose chasings. The cold doesn’t bother him. Now summer is another story. The heat doesn’t stop him running but he will try to find the shade if he is lying outside. Wearing a heavy, black fur coat doesn’t work well during the hot months.  Oh, but how easily I digress to warmer weather…

Home Wiser work is underway when Mr. Pond and Vic aren’t chasing geese.

Last week was seminar time. Each winter Mr. Pond tries to become “wiser” and to learn about what the EPA has changed with rulings and chemical formulations. There are usually changes every year. You know, it’s a government thing!

Our yearly water garden maintenance clients are still receiving two monthly service calls. We’d love to get you signed up. Give us a call. You can begin your year any month. If you are not a yearly client or maybe not a client at all, but happened upon our website and this blog, make sure your water garden has a hole in the ice during this deep freeze we are experiencing here in Ohio. Unless you don’t have fish, then you are good to go.

I, Mrs. Pond, have been under the weather. It’s tax time, year-end number round-up time, and I really have to get my strength back to focus on a spreadsheet of numbers. This is a quiet time of year for “the Ponds”, but that means it’s a great time to call us with questions and concerns for the 2013 season.

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