Why do we use a working Border Collie to get rid of Geese? It Works!

Why do we use a working Border Collie
to get rid of Geese? It Works!

Working with our Border Collie “Agent Vic” is the key component in our strategy to keep unwanted geese and their highly toxic waste off your property. It is critical that Vic be 100% obedient with no tendencies to physically touch or harm the geese since this would violate the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Border Collies like our beloved Vic are a great fit to humanely remove geese because they have been bred for three hundred years to manage or herd livestock.

Border Collies like Vic are athletic, obedient, and easy to train. In this work, the dog must be sensitive to the geese but also to direction from his handler. Because of their high intelligence and eagerness to please, these dogs can understand and respond to numerous whistles and commands. In a video that we will soon be publishing you will clearly see how Vic “hops” to it as the good DR Ray directs his every move against the toxic goose population at a local pond here in Northeast Ohio.


Geese see Vic as a predator and will flee the area (they told me this during questioning), especially as our border patrol agent stalks and chases them. It is important that Vic and the good DR disrupt the geese enough from their daily routine until they have completely left your property and not just moved from the grassy areas to any ponds or water on your property. That is why we employ the use of a boat to continue the pursuit of geese into bodies of water. We even see geese that can’t fly trying to hide under the water while Vic is in the area.


Managing geese requires Vic to do his job at a distance from his handler as many of the properties we service are in excess of 2 acres. Our Vic has a well-tested and proven obedience track record. Vic is successfully dispersing geese and keeping them from returning to our client’s properties here in Ohio.




Is it enough just to disrupt the Geese to get them to move along?

Yes, it is. Geese like to be left alone and do not like their regularly scheduled activities to be interrupted. That is why they will leave the area entirely when they feel that there is a threat to their peaceful daily routine which included plenty of pooping in your body of water or on the ground where they nest and feed. If Geese do not feel threatened, then they will return to the property.


Why is Border Patrol goose control more effective than, say, chasing after the geese yourself?

Border collies like Vic are natural herders, as well as highly intelligent. The urge to move a group of animals, (usually sheep, not water fowl) back to their handler or toward a particular destination has been passed down through their DNA for generations. Because of the special training that Vic received at Big Bend Farm in Virginia, he has overcome the need to herd the animals to a handler, and instead simply herd them away from the area. Vic is the highly effective and humane solution to your Goose population issues. Pond Wiser is pleased to be the first to bring this goose control technique to Stark and surrounding counties.