Remember the Bud Wise Er Frogs? Then Pondwiser Is For You!

Do you remember the Budweiser commercial that had the frogs on the lily pad sitting in the bog outside of the bar? The iconic beer commercial had three frogs sitting next to each other and they would each make their own sound…Bud…Wise…Er…It was an awesome commercial that combined humor with very memorable branding.

The Pondwiser company from Massillon, Ohio is creating their own spin and play on words with this same froggy theme. Their site is filled with wordplay and you need to pay attention to absorb all of the writing brilliance it contains. Pondwiser is a company specializing in Water Gardens, Ponds, Lakes, and Lawns. They even have “border patrol” with their Border Collie Vic providing humane geese removal. They provide so many services that we will be writing about them for a long time to come. Here are a few more of the cool things that they do:

The Wisest Water Garden Solution is Year-Round Maintenance

If you are still looking for more, we offer algae treatment, service calls, and vacation care.

Go With The FLO (For Fish Lovers Only!)

Salting and bacterial treatments are recommended to keep your fish healthy. These treatments are priced according to the size of your pond and the number of fish

Call them today and let them show you why you should move to their bog…You need Pond-Wise-Er…