Pond Wiser helps Canal Fulton Man humanely remove Canadian Geese from their property

Pond Wiser is quite simply the coolest company around. They are also the only company around that we know of that has successfully and humanely removed Canadian geese for fellow residents of Stark County.

Pond Wiser is getting rave reviews about their border collie named Vic. He has been safely and humanely getting Canadian geese ,along with their toxic waste, to leave local ponds and look for other areas to nest in. 

Vic comes from Big Bend Farm in the hills of Virginia and has been trained by one of the top dog trainers/handlers in the US.

Using these amazingly smart herding dogs is highly effective and increasingly popular service for goose control. This form of goose control is supported by PETA and the US Humane Society due to the fact that a Border Collie will not harm these birds that are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. These dogs will herd and harass the geese on land and in the water disrupting the geese’s lifestyle.

Check out this testimonial below, it speaks for itself!

We have battled with a Canadian goose infestation for numerous years. We followed several guidelines experts recommended, such as keeping the weeds in the pond controlled and installing strobe lights, but our yard was overrun with geese anyway. Our grandchildren couldn’t play in the yard and it was unsightly when guests drove up our driveway and had to walk across the sidewalk where the geese left their droppings.
We had heard of the use of dogs in controlling geese but never really gave it much consideration. Besides, we have a dog that is on the property and he didn’t seem to make a difference to the geese.
Then in February 2012, Pond Wiser contacted us and explained how a specially trained Border Collie can control the goose population and they were proud to be the leaders in bringing this service to Stark County.  The concept of a highly skilled dog being able to deter the geese from nesting on our property was intriguing and we gave permission for them to begin the necessary visits. Pond Wiser began coming to our pond two times a day, six days a week, the end of February 2012. When they walked onto our property, there were literally hundreds of geese. Less than two months later, there are times throughout the day that we do not have even one goose on our property. We have not seen any nesting yet either and hope that we will not have any goslings in the future. We  couldn’t  be happier with the results of “goose chasing”.
Our concern that getting rid of the geese would also result in ducks leaving as well was unfounded. The ducks are staying and aren’t bothered by Agent Vic’s presence.
Pond Wiser’s Agent Vic is under control all the time and never tries to harm the geese. The results have been astounding in a short period of time and I would highly recommend others try out the services of this specially trained Border Collie if they are frustrated with geese taking over their property.

Dan S., Canal Fulton, OH

Or pick up the phone to make the nasty geese stop and call Kathy Ray at 330-833-FROG