Pond Wiser Brings “Border Patrol” Goose Control Program to Stark, Summit, Portage, and Tuscarawas County

Border Patrol Pondwiser DogThey’re back…. If you have a water feature, such as a pond on your property, you already know what we’re talking about: Canada geese. Pond Wiser Inc. in Massillon, Stark County, Ohio hasgoose control good news if you, your pond, and your property are suffering from these nuisance birds. The goose control program is called Border Patrol, and it is carried out by one special agent named Vic.

Vic is a border collie, and he has been specially trained to help homeowners, businesses, and others who are dealing with a Canada goose overpopulation problem. If you fall into this group of those who need goose control assistance, and are in the Stark, Summit, Portage, and Tuscarawas County areas, contact Pond Wiser to find out how their Border Patrol program can help you.

You may have other ideas about goose control, and how to deal with Canada geese which are nesting on your property, but keep in mind that these birds are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. The Border Patrolprogram is a safe and legal alternative to other methods you may have considered. Pond Wiser’s agent Vic does not harm the birds, but makes their living conditions nigh on unbearable until they leave. Due to the territorial nature of Canada geese, they will return to the same spot each year. Once chased off of your property which they now consider inhospitable, that particular group is unlikely to return.

Why is Border Patrol goose control more effective than, say, chasing after the geese yourself? Border collies like Vic are natural herders, as well as highly intelligent. The urge to move a group of animals, (usually sheep, not water fowl) back to their handler or toward a particular destination has been passed down through their DNA for generations. Because of the special training that Vic received at Big Bend Farm in Virginia, he has overcome the need to herd the animals to a handler, and instead simply herd them away from the area. At Big Bend Farm, they have successfully trained over 400 border collies to assist in goose control at airports, golf courses, parklands, and more. It may not be cutting-edge technology, but it is effective, and Pond Wiser is pleased to be among the first to bring this goose controltechnique to Stark, Summit, Wayne, Portage, and Tuscarawas Counties.

Another advantage to hiring Vic to handle your goose control is that he will not only herd and harass the geese on land, but also in the water. Do you want to jump into your pond to chase off the geese that have take refuge there? Probably not. But, Vic will. There are only two places that geese take refuge once they feel threatened on land, and those places are in the air in and in the water. The water is the best place for them to wait out the average predator; however, Pond Wiser’s Border Patrol agent Vic is not the average predator. His goal is to keep the geese moving until they are gone for good.

Pond Wiser is located in Massillon, but serves homes and businesses throughout Stark CountySummit County, Portage County, and Tuscarawas County with goose control issues. Vic is happy to travel to wherever he is needed to perform his own special brand of goose control. You can learn more about Pond WiserBorder Patrol goose control, and Vic online at PondWiser.com. If you would like to have your property evaluated for a customized package suited to your specific needs, Pond Wiser invites you to call 330.685.3637, seven days a week from 7am – 7pm. Yourgoose control solution is only a phone call away with Border Patrol agent Vic and Pond Wiser!